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Behind the Scenes: My Workflow & Palette Gear

Recently I was given the opportunity to test the new Expert Kit from Palette and I’m writing this short blog to tell you readers about my experience and what settings I’ve dialed in to use in my daily work. Enjoy!These past few years I have found a deep craving to learn more about Photoshop and really delve into new techniques and ideas. As a retoucher especially in the field I’m in, Photoshop is a huge tool for me and anything to assist me or give me fresh ideas in the workspace is a welcome tool for sure. Attached you can see what settings I’ve dialed into my workflow on my Palette, (See Image 1) and you’ll notice I’ve opted to use some fairly basic settings. The great thing about the Palette is it is completely customizable so naturally step one is planting that Undo shortcut right at the top. A big one is my Curve adjust and Layer Opacity, as those two tools are used quite frequently. The idea is to make it natural, find tools that lend themselves to the hardware, some naturally do so and others will be tailored just for you.  I’ve also attached a photo of the layers on a project that I worked on recently (before and after photo also included). You can see exactly what I’ve done and which tools would definitely be assisted with the Expert Kit. So far I’ve had an amazing time using my Palette and I’ve barely scratched the surface, to anyone who is still on the fence about purchasing this tool I highly recommend checking it out, whether you love editing or find it a chore I guarantee you will have a changed point of view after using the Palette. Above all have fun with it, that’s the purpose, to bring new life and efficiency to editing. 
Arabelle & Paeyton for Kodd Magazine Online

Team Credits: Models: Arabelle Gregoire with Morgan Model Management & Paeyton Lilly with Ciotti Models (MA Peggi Lepage)Hair & Makeup: ToruPhotography & Retouching: Stephanie MontaniPublished on Kodd Magazine Online
Rent Frock Repeat Spring Lookbook

Team Credit: Model: Daria SellsHair & Makeup: ToruWardrobe Styling: Claudia FlipfullPhotography & Retouching: Stephanie MontaniShot for Rent Frock Repeat's spring look book
Bethany for Elegant Magazine

Team Credits: Model: Bethany Vanderveen with Duledo ManagementMakeup & Hair: ToruWardrobe Styling: Claudia Flipfull Photography & Retouching: Stephanie MontaniPublished in Elegant Magazine
'Rebel at Heart'

Back in December I travelled to California with an incredibly talent team of creatives. I was joined by Kehli-G, stylist, model, retoucher, and editor-and-chief of Borealis Magazine, Melissa Borbely, makeup artist, and Scott Cooper, another fellow photographer from Toronto. During our trip we worked hard every day creating collections and expanding our portfolios. On one of our day trips Kehli, Melissa, and I created a last minute collection in Joshua Tree National Park. This is my first shoot from my trip that I will be sharing, and I am so excited to finally be sharing it!Model & Styling: Kehli-G Makeup & Hair: Melissa BorbelyRetouching: Abstraxion Retouch
'Nature's Beauty' Published in 1968 Magazine

This editorial was inspired by a camping trip I took in early August. As I was relaxing by the lake I noticed how beautiful all the little stones were at the bottom, I looked around and noticed how truly wonderful all of my surroundings were and it was all thanks to Mother Nature herself. The tree's up against the blue sky, the way the sunset reflects on the water and gives the world a purple tint. The pebbles shining in the water creating a rainbow of rocks in the bottom of the lake. The way the sunshine lights up all the beauty, and the way you can find even more beauty in the shadows. Nature has always been a big inspiration for my work, so I took all the beautiful moments I experienced this trip and used them to create a beauty editorial which has been published in 1968 magazine. A big thank you to the team that helped pulled this collection together on such short notice and such a short studio booking. We completed this full collection in under three hours so thank you to the amazingly talented makeup artist, Toru, and the wonderfully talented model, Vera Lipatova. Team Credits: Model: Vera LipatovaAgency: Angies Model ManagementMA: Peggi LepageMakeup: Toru Photography: Stephanie MontaniRetouching: Kehli G, Absraxion Retouch & DesignPublished on:
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